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Bill Gates vs the Average American

  William Henry Gates III, aka, Bill Gates, currently ranks in first place on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires with an estimated worth...

Uber vs Lyft – Which Pays Better? – Ridesharing Comparison

Ah, Uber. The monster ride service that is such a How-did-I-ever-live-without-it? part of modern life that it spawned imitators in the ride space, as...

Top 10 Worlds Tallest Buildings

Many of you have probably seen recent news coverage of the u-shaped, curved skyscraper currently being proposed by a New York City architectural firm....

How Long Would it Take to Get to the Nearest Habitable Planets (TRAPPIST-1)?

  From the fantasies of Star Wars and Guardians of The Galaxy, to the growing advancements within NASA and SpaceX, space is pretty hot right...

NUCLEAR ENERGY vs SOLAR ENERGY: Which Is Better? – Energy Source Comparison

With fossil fuels diminishing and climate change on the rise, the world is looking for more environmentally clean energy sources to be the new...

Earth vs Mars – How Do They Compare – Space / Planet Comparison

For as long as humans existed, the planet Mars has always been an object of fascination. Man has often dreamed about what could be...

Myth Debunker: 43 Popular Myths Debunked

Each myth debunked! We fact checked most popular and common myths!  Perfect trivia questions.

Cats: 18 Interesting and Funny Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

If the internet is any gauge, the world LOVES cats. From memes to videos, from Facebook to YouTube, it seems like they’re everywhere. But...